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The Great Fire!




Recently, Year 2 visited the Emergency Services Museum in Sheffield to develop their understanding of The Great Fire of London. The children took part in a workshop to find out how the people of London tried to extinguish the fire without the support of a fire service. They discovered that they scooped up water from the River Thames using leather buckets and passed this from person to person. Cole said, “In Victorian times, firefighters wore big helmets rather than a face mask.  The hoses were different too.”  Ivy-Jae added, “It took five days for the Great Fire to stop. Some buildings were pulled down with a hook and blown up to stop the fire spreading.”


Congratulations to the following children for winning an achievement award at Tuesday’s assembly.


Year 1:  Grayson Slater

Year 2:  Joseph Clacker

Year 3:  Olivia Rose

Year 4:  Evie-Rose Hepworth

Year 5:  Billy Olbison

Year 6:  Frankie Leach

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