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Recently, our School Council looked at ways to revise and improve the school menu so that even more children chose a school dinner each day.  The School Council held a special assembly to find out which meals would be more popular. Some ideas the children came up with included hot dogs, chicken korma and chocolate mousse.  Then, our School Council contacted the catering team who listened to their feedback.  It was important that the new choices were still healthy and nutritional. They held a taste-testing session to trial the new dishes which resulted in developing the new dishes even further.  The new menu is up and running and has received some excellent feedback.

Jack: I like our school dinners because there are now more dishes on the menu that I want to choose.

Seth: I love the new menu as we get to try different kinds of food that we haven’t tried before.

Teyla: The new menu is amazing because the dishes now have a wider range of flavours in them.


Click below to access Feeding Hungry Minds Website who supply our school meals.


Feeding Hungry Minds


The latest newsletter from Feeding Hungry Minds can be accessed here.


Our full school menu can be accessed here.

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