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School Development Plan

The School Development Plan (SDP) allows our vision to be shared and understood by the whole school community. Our aim is to work and learn together as a community in order to improve and be the best that we can be. The plan should help everyone to understand where the school is going and what actions we will take to ensure we get there. We set clear timescales to implement the plan.  We also make the best possible use of both human and material resources to support specific goals. The plan also helps us to prepare and prioritise our budget and guides how we set out and organise our staff training. The plan is designed to give a sharp, clear focus to those parts of our work which we believe are most in need of improvement.

Everyone has the chance to contribute ideas on how our school can improve. Staff and members of the academy’s standards committee meet termly to review how successful our improvements have been and agree priorities for the coming year. We ask parents, staff and children to share their ideas through questionnaires.  We want everyone to support us and help us improve and this can only happen if we are all involved.

Once we have agreed the priorities, the school leadership team identifies targets for improvement and produces the SDP. The SDP is then shared with everyone.


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