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Reasoning Ralf!




This term, all the children in the school have been using a character called Reasoning Ralf in order to get better at mathematics.

Ralf helps the children answer questions where they have to use their reasoning or problem-solving skills. Ralf gives the children a set of steps to follow and encourages them to label their work with drawings, annotations and jottings to help solve a challenging problem.

Lily said, “Reasoning Ralf helps me to remember to read the question twice. This makes sure I have a secure understanding of the problem.” Karol added, “By underlining the key words and numbers, we are making sure that we choose the important information especially in a multi-step problem.”


Congratulations to the following children for winning an achievement award at Tuesday’s assembly.


Year 1:  Cienna Petch

Year 2:  Libby Ross

Year 3:  Evie-Rose Hepworth

Year 4:  Charlie Slater

Year 5:  Jensen Wood

Year 6:  Noah Moverley

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