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Last week, the children in year 5 visited the National Media Museum in Bradford to support their science work.

In the classroom, the children have been learning about our solar system. At the museum, the class watched a space show to learn more facts about different planets. They also got the chance to explore the various exhibits to help remember what they had already learnt about sound and light. After the visit, Theo said, “I learnt that the Moon isn’t as close to Earth as people think.” Harris added, “In the space show, the beach ball represented Earth, a tennis ball represented the Moon and the Sun would have been the size of the whole of the museum.”


Congratulations to the following children for winning an achievement award at Tuesday’s assembly:


Year 1: Elsie Keightley

Year 2: Harry Clarkson

Year 3: Henley-James Ellis

Year 4: Lilly Candlin

Year 5: Harris Wilson

Year 6: Jaxson Warren


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