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Last half-term, the children in year 3 visited Magna Science Adventure Centre to find out more about magnets. In their science lessons, the children have been learning all about magnets. On the trip, the children took part in a special workshop. They learnt about how magnets were first discovered. They also got the chance to look around the different zones of the museum. These included Air, Earth, Fire and Water. After, Olivia said, “A long time ago, Romans used magnets to find out where they would need to go in order to have a battle.” Rudie added, “We found out that some metals, like steel and iron, attracted to a magnet but bronze didn’t attract. We also moved a toy car using a magnet.”


Congratulations to the following children for winning an achievement award at Tuesday’s assembly.


Year 1:  Holly Barker

Year 2:  Daisy Wilkinson

Year 3:  Logan Lawson

Year 4:  Ellie Sidebottom

Year 5:  Lilly Candlin

Year 6:  Isabelle Booth

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