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Recently, the children in year 6 have visited a local gym as part of their work on healthy participation in their physical education lessons.

The purpose of the visit was to ensure the children gained a better understanding the different benefits or aerobic and anaerobic exercise. The children also got the chance to try different aerobic and anaerobic exercises with a qualified gym instructor. After the visit, Ethan and Tia said, “The best bit was when we had a competition to see who could burn the most calories. The ski machine certainly helped with this. We learnt that this was an anaerobic workout compared to aerobic exercise which is performed at a steadier pace.”


Congratulations to the following children for winning an achievement award at Tuesday’s assembly:


Year 1: Freddie Town

Year 2: Logan-Peter Robinson

Year 3: Benjamin Hotchkiss

Year 4: Kate Johnson-Hatten

Year 5: Elaina-Mai Petch

Year 6: Olly Sidebottom


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