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Last week, the children in our year 1 class got the opportunity to be palaeontologists as they hunted for dinosaur fossils. In class, the children have been learning about dinosaurs in their history lesson. During the workshop, they got to excavate the fossils and then tried to work out what they were. The class even found the same fossil that Mary Anning discovered a long, long time ago! Ollie said, “I enjoyed looking at the skulls. One was a carnivore which meant it has big jaws.” Eva said, “The other was a herbivore with blunt teeth.” Grayson added, “We also discovered a small claw. We had to use brushes carefully so we didn’t break this fossil.”


Congratulations to the following children for winning an achievement award at Tuesday’s assembly.


Year 1: Tobias Burton

Year 2:  Ivy Askham

Year 3:  Sonja Linkevica

Year 4:  Angela Jandova

Year 5:  Oliver Stephens

Year 6:  Mylie Shipley




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