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Before the holidays, all the children who had stayed “on green” this term were rewarded with a special visit from a circus company. Children attend the Always Green event if they always follow the school’s Golden Rules. The children watched a performance which showed off all the different tricks that the circus entertainer could do. Then, the children had the chance to learn how to juggle, spin plates and use a diablo. After the event, Frankie said, “I liked throwing the diablo into the air and trying to catch it. It became easier to do after I kept practicing.” Harry added, “I enjoyed balancing the feathers of a peacock on different parts of my body. We tried our hands, our feet and our shoulders.”


Congratulations to the following children for winning an achievement award at Tuesday’s assembly:


Year 1:  Ivy-Jae Cartwright

Year 2:  Maya-Ray Wain

Year 3:  Ellie Sidebottom

Year 4:  Ava Askham

Year 5:  Harris Wilson

Year 6:  Katie-Lea Brooke

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