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A Teddy Bear’s Picnic




Last week in our Upper Foundation Stage, the children were invited to bring in their favourite teddy bear to help end our teddy bear topic.

The children and their bears took part in lots of p-awesome activities within our provision and finished with a teddy bear’s picnic in our classroom. They were challenged to weigh their bear using cubes, draw them with charcoal and used great words to describe what their bear looked like. The children also looked at how toys have changed over time. Mila said, “We looked at some old bears. Some of them were scruffy and had holes in it. They were hard not very cuddly. My bear is soft and really colourful. Old bears were all brown and looked like bears.”


Congratulations to the following children for winning an achievement award at Tuesday’s assembly.


Year 1:  A-Jay Smith

Year 2:  Chase Flavell

Year 3:  Evie-Rose Hepworth

Year 4:  Tajus Dubosas

Year 5:  Mylie Shipley

Year 6:  Whitney-Mai Carter

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