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The President of the Jungle




This year, our children celebrated World Book Day by reading a book called “The President of the Jungle” and they took part in lots of different activities about the story. Some children chose who they wanted to be the next president and designed posters to persuade people to vote for them.  Other children wrote campaign speeches and followed a democratic process to vote for a winner. Ivy-Jae said, “In the story, I am really pleased that the sloth won the election as he was trying to listen to everyone’s ideas rather than thinking about himself like the lion.”  Mylie added, “The potato book character designs were creative. The school council found it hard to choose a winner.”


Congratulations to the following children for winning an achievement award at Tuesday’s assembly.


Year 1: Jayden Palmer

Year 2: Elsie Keightley

Year 3: Eva Harratt

Year 4: Benjamin Hotchkiss

Year 5: Rezermai Morton

Year 6: Archie Barlow

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