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Our Wellbeing Garden




This term, the school has opened a new wellbeing garden which gives our pupils an extra place to relax a lunchtime. The garden has been planned as a great place for the children to socialise and to improve their wellbeing. The children are able to take part in planned fun activities whilst also having the opportunity to speak to one of our specially trained mental health first aiders. Frankie said, “I have been using my training to help children form stronger relationships. I have been using board games and drawing activities to do this.” Elaina added, “Recently, I helped a girl who is going through changes to her home life. I was able to talk to her about it and gave her comfort.”


Congratulations to the following children for winning an achievement award at Tuesday’s assembly:


Year 1: Emilia Sidebottom

Year 2: Rudie Kilkenny

Year 3: Charlie Lewins

Year 4: Charlie Slater

Year 5: Sonny Raikes

Year 6: Tia-Jae Waldron

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