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In at the Deep End




Recently, the children in year 6 visited The Deep in Hull to develop their understanding of ocean habitats and learn more about coral reefs in Australia. In a workshop, the Deep staff told all the children about how fish behave in different oceans of the world.  They also learnt how coral reef is different dependent on its location.  Finally, the children created their own food chains using what they knew about ocean life. Harris said, “We learnt that sea apples and seaweed produce their own food and this starts the food chain.”  Oliver added, “We found out that underwater valleys are called trenches. I was also amazed by the size of the sawfish in the aquarium.”


Congratulations to the following children for winning an achievement award at Tuesday’s assembly.


Year 1: Willow White

Year 2: Cienna Petch

Year 3: Stephen Dowuona

Year 4: Nellie Cooke

Year 5: Harry Smith

Year 6: Jasmine Jones

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