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Last half-term, the children in our reception class visited Eureka, the national children’s museum, and took part in lots of learning activities. The class watched a special show about their senses.  Some were chosen to identify different smells using their nose and different hidden objects using only touch – this was very tricky!  The children also visited the All About Me section to find out more about their body. Afterwards, Bobby said, “We learnt all about our senses at Eureka! I liked it when we had to guess what was in the cup by using our sense of smell.”  Lyla added, “We also learnt about different parts of our body and how they work.”  This will support the children for the science work that they will do in year 1.


Congratulations to the following children for winning an achievement award at Tuesday’s assembly.


Year 1: Mila Oldroyd

Year 2: Cienna Petch

Year 3: Oakley Lowe

Year 4: Koda-Royce Cooke

Year 5: Shay Lawton

Year 6: Isabelle Booth

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