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This week, a special visitor from Wakefield Museum visited our school to show many of our children in Key Stage 2 some ancient artefacts. The children looked closely at the artefacts sometimes using a magnifying glass to study them in detail. As well as identifying the artefacts, the children had to consider what they were used for in the past before completing an analysis report. Lola said, “It was interesting that the colour and the design of the Greek pots showed people which time period they were from.” Oscar added, “I liked looking at the the lucky charm and the mummified baby crocodile as it told me more about the afterlife in Ancient Egyptian times.”


Congratulations to the following children for winning an achievement award at Tuesday’s assembly.


Year 1: Oliver-James Ellis

Year 2: Jayden Kilshaw

Year 3: Cohen Brown

Year 4: Amelia Evans

Year 5: Lola Kilkenny



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