External Accreditations

International School Award

In May 2017, West End Academy was awarded the Foundation level of the International School Award.  The award acknowledges the hard work that the school has undertaken in order to develop our children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development over the last two years.   An extract from a letter sent from the British Council recognising this work can be seen below.

“It is clear that the Academy has embraced the need to prepare children for being citizens by helping them to develop perspectives, partly through some wide ranging whole school and classroom activities, but by looking near and far for connections and inspiration. From “Lila and the secret of the rain” to refugee crises, through role models such as Michelle Obama and Malala Yousafzai and in the neighbouring yet very different communities of Bradford, an appropriate curriculum is being forged by staff and pupils alike. West End Academy can now look ahead with confidence to the next step on its international journey.  Well done!”


Basic Skills Quality Mark

In March 2016, West End Academy achieved the Basic Skills Quality Mark Award.

The award celebrates the constant improvement of children’s work in English and maths. The award recognises how a school has improved its performance and provision over a period of time and how this improvement is reflected in the children’s results at the end of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Over the last two years, the school has been working hard to achieve all the standards in order to gain the award.  The school has ensured that the children are challenged during every lesson and that they have the opportunity to embed and master core skills across the curriculum.  During the last academic year, in line with the school development plan, the children have had plenty of opportunities to respond to marking in order to make even better progress during a lesson. 

You can read the full report, which outlines the work the school has done towards basic skills over the last two years, here >


Investor in Pupils

In March 2015, West End Academy achieved the 'Investors in Pupils' award.  The award recognises the achievements of the whole school, class groups and individual pupils in 5 key areas:-

  • Behaviour
  • Learning
  • Attendance
  • Classroom management
  • Induction of new pupils and new staff members

It provides children with opportunities to take responsibility for their own education and behaviour whilst appreciating the resources in school which aid them. Most of this work is done through PSHCE lessons, assemblies and Circle Time. It allows children to develop a pupil voice and increase their participation when discussing things that are important to them. We have used this time to create Class Mission Statements, Individual Targets, Class Targets and an Induction Booklet.

We have always worked hard to ensure our pupils feel respected, safe and listened to, and that they learn to value and recognise their role within a community. We feel that the 'Investors in Pupils Award' would recognise this, but also enable us to have all these principles at the heart of our school.

You can read the full report here >

More information about what the Academy did to acheive the award can be found here >