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WW2 Time Travellers




Recently, the children in Year 6 went back in time to find out what life was like at school during World War Two. The children visited Armley Mills in Leeds and took part in lots of activities that children would have done during the War.  The children used ink pens to write identification tags and imagined they were evacuees.  Different sounds were also played to show what to do in the event of a gas attack. Brandon said, “It was fun getting under the table but it would have been scary.  If you were there for a long time, you had to sing a song to keep the younger children entertained.”  Jessica added, “I enjoyed the movie theatre experience and learning what life was like at the start of the war.”


Congratulations to the following children for winning an achievement award at Tuesday’s assembly.


Year 1:  Isla Candlin

Year 2:  Kalvin Reece-Lord

Year 3:  Oliver Stephens

Year 4:  Elaina-Mai Petch

Year 5:  Riley Cartwright-Horobin

Year 6:  Corey Taylor-Dawson

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