A proud member of

The Great Gurdwara




Last week, the children in Year 3 got the chance to visit a gurdwara to learn more about this special place of worship. Before the tour began, the children took off their shoes and washed their hands to respect the Sikh religion. They visited the big room where prayers were held and got the chance to look at the four doors, including the Door of Grace.  The children were also shown how to play the harmonium. Lily said, “I really liked how the member of the gurdwara made the whole class feel welcome.  He also showed us how to wrap around the turban on Freddie.”  Charlie added, “We got to see up close the inside of a gurdwara.  The langar hall was bigger than I expected.”


Congratulations to the following children for winning an achievement award at Tuesday’s assembly.


Year 1: Harley White

Year 2:  Henley Ellis

Year 3: Kacper Manczak

Year 4:  Ivy Clough

Year 5:  Noah Moverley

Year 6:  Archie Hickling

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