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The Big Grow




Last week, the children in our year 1 class took part in a live gardening session held by Chris Collins to celebrate the Big Grow week. The children learnt how to plant different seeds (radish, salad leaves, spinach, beetroot and peas).  The class found out how long the seeds would take to grow and what they need. The children have been provided with some healthy recipes for the food they are growing. Stephen said, “I know that the seeds need sunlight and we must keep watering them for them to grow. We also must not touch the seeds in the compost now.”  Eva added, “I keep looking to see if they have grown but I know they won’t have yet.  Maybe they will grow in 100 days.”


Congratulations to the following children for winning an achievement award at Tuesday’s assembly.


Year 1:  Harry Stubbs

Year 2:  Amelia Evans

Year 3:  Rezermai Morton

Year 4:  Holly Camponi

Year 5:  Owen Cregg

Year 6:  Toby Evans

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