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Recently, the children have had the opportunity to try out a new game called goalball at lunchtime. Previously, the children have learnt how physical disability isn’t a barrier to playing sports through special assemblies and lessons.  Before playing a game, the children got used to wearing a blindfold and  controlling the ball, with a bell inside, with their hands or their feet.   The children realised that it wasn’t as easy at it seemed. Toby said, “It was hard to keep control of the ball whilst travelling in different directions.  You had to pay close attention to the sound the ball was making.”  James added, “We had to communicate clearly to each other so that we could help a friend to move around some cones.”


Congratulations to the following children for winning an achievement award at Tuesday’s assembly.


Year 1: Keira Brady

Year 3: Billy Olbison

Year 2:  Edith Clough

Year 4:  Frankie Leach

Year 5:  Imogen Vorster-Robins

Year 6:  Amelia Shelton

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