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Last week, the Year 6 children had a special meeting with a member of the Sinai Synagogue in Leeds to learn more about Judaism.

The Jewish speaker shared lots of artefacts and pictures that are important to her. She also told the children the key things to remember when building a sukkah.

The class learnt about the synagogue and the significance of the stained-glass windows and the menorah. Riley said, “The sukkah can only be made out of certain materials – anything that comes out of the ground – and the roof would consist of leaves, vines or hay.” Noah added, “We learnt that the yad was used to read the scrolls and, if it broke, it had to go to London to be repaired.”


Congratulations to the following children for winning an achievement award at Tuesday’s assembly.


Year 1:  A-Jay Smith

Year 2:  Rudie Kilkenny

Year 3:  Amelia Evans

Year 4:  Lola Kilkenny

Year 5:  Lennon Parsons

Year 6:  Cohen Bennett


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