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This half-term, the children in year 6 have had the opportunity to learn new martial art skills with a trained instructor in an after-school club.

The children have been learning the rituals of karate each week such as mokuso, a form of meditating, kihon and kumite which means sparring. They have been practising these techniques and learning how to control their punches and kicks using pads and shields.

Alfie said, “Every week, we have been introduced to new skills so we know how to jab, hook or kick. It build on what we have been learning.”  Annie added, “We have learnt different kicks: a push kick, a round kick and the outisde leg kick. These can be used in attack or defence.”

Congratulations to the following children for winning an achievement award at Tuesday’s assembly.


Year 1:  Harry Stubbs

Year 2:  Bentley Godfrey

Year 3:  Charlie Slater

Year 4:  Theo Gray

Year 5:  Karol Malinowski

Year 6:  Alfie Smith

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