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    • 15 September 2017

      International Award

      Recently, the academy has been awarded the Foundation level of the International School Award. The award recognises the work that the school has done to promote our children’s understanding of different cultures, …

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    • 14 July 2017

      University Challenge

      Last week, the children in Year 6 visited York University as part of the Shine Project so that they could learn more about life in higher education. The children met different student ambassadors and found out about their …

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    • 07 July 2017

      Promoting Fair Trade

      This week, shoppers in our local Tesco store have been voting for their favourite “Fair Trade” poster that our children in Year 6 have designed. The children have been looking at the benefits of fair trade in …

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    • 30 June 2017

      Reach for the Stars

      Last week, the children in Year 5 had the opportunity to go inside a mobile planetarium and find out more information about our amazing universe. Inside, the children looked at a screen which covered the roof.  Then, …

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    • 23 June 2017

      Saving Our Water!

      Last week, the children in Year 4 visited the Yorkshire Water Education Centre to learn more about the water cycle that they have been studying in science. The children looked at an interactive wall which showed the …

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    • 16 June 2017

      Voting Matters

      Last week, most of our children took part in their own general election where they got the chance to vote for the political party they thought could most improve school. The children in Year 6 formed their own parties and came …

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    • 09 June 2017

      Spelling B-E-E

      Before half-term, four children from Years 5 and 6 took part in our Spelling Bee grand final in an attempt to be crowned the overall winner of the competition. In the last round, the four finalists had to take part in a series of …

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    • 26 May 2017

      Trading Places

      Recently, the children in Year 6 visited different businesses in Hemsworth to find out where the products they were selling were actually sourced. In the classroom, the children figured out the meanings of local, national …

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    • 18 May 2017

      First Hippo on the Moon

      Recently, all the children in Year 2 had the opportunity to visit the Grand Theatre in Leeds to watch a performance of “The First Hippo on the Moon”. Before the visit, the children have been reading some stories …

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    • 05 May 2017

      West End Pet Store

      This week, the children in Year 1 have opened a pet shop in the role play area to build on the work that they are doing on animals in the classroom. The children have started to think about what questions they might ask the pet shop …

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    • 28 April 2017

      Indestructible Dens!

      Before the Easter holidays, the children who attended the Always Green event had the opportunity to take part in a special den building activity. Firstly, the children collected objects such as sticks, waterproof sheets …

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    • 05 April 2017

      Flowering Friendships

      Last Thursday, the children in Year 3 had a special visit from Thornbury Academy as part of the work that our school is doing on British values. All the children made some spring flowers in the hall.  In order to this, it …

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    • 31 March 2017

      Fantastic Fieldwork

      On Tuesday, the children in Year 3 visited Trinity Walk in Wakefield as part of their geography topic and they found the time to do some fieldwork. Firstly, the children went on a hunt where they had to find shops from the …

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    • 24 March 2017

      Printed Poems

      This week, some of the children in Year 1 received special books as a reward for winning a Young Writers competition. Inside the book, the children found their own animal poem that they had written in class alongside work from …

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    • 17 March 2017

      Challenging Puzzles

      Last Friday, the Happy Puzzle Company visited the academy to further develop our children’s ability to work in groups in order to solve tricky puzzles. The children worked with other children that they don’t …

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    • 10 March 2017

      Lila and the Secret of Rain

      Last Thursday, all the children in the school celebrated World Book Day by doing different activities from a book called “Lila and the Secret of Rain”. The children in Year 6 looked at why girls all over the …

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    • 03 March 2017

      Buddhist Life

      Recently, the children in Year 5 visited Kadampa Buddhist Centre in Keighley to learn more about the religion that they have been studying in the classroom. The children visited the meditation room and saw statues of Buddha …

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    • 24 February 2017

      A Home for Nature

      Recently, the children in Years 2 and 6 had a special visit from the RSPB in order to help them with the work they are currently doing in their science and DT lessons. The children learnt about the different types of birds that …

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    • 10 February 2017

      Clicking Chicken!

      On Tuesday, all the children in our school celebrated Internet Safety Day by completing different activities linked to a story called “Chicken Clicking.” The children in Year 5 had to identify what the …

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    • 03 February 2017

      The Year of the Rooster

      Last week, the children in our Nursery and Upper Foundation Stage celebrated the Chinese New Year by taking part in lots of fun activities. The children made their own Chinese food menus and learnt how to use chopsticks in the …

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