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    • 29 March 2018

      Down on the Farm!

      Last Tuesday, the children in our Lower Foundation Stage got the opportunity to meet lots of animals as part of their “Down on the Farm” topic. In different enclosures outside the classroom, the children had …

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    • 22 March 2018

      Life as a Superhero!

      Last Friday, the children in our Upper Foundation Stage held a special day to celebrate the work they have been doing on superheroes! At the start of the day, the children had been left a message from Evil Pea, a character from a …

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    • 16 March 2018

      The Journey

      This week, to celebrate World Book Day, the children looked at a book called “The Journey” and took part in lots of different activities about the story. During the morning’s assembly, the children …

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    • 09 March 2018

      Budget Busters

      This term, the children have been learning more about the school budget in preparation for the school’s reassessment of the Investors in Pupils Award. During maths lessons, some children have been finding out how …

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    • 06 March 2018

      West End Tigers

      This half-term, a coach from Castleford Tigers has come into school to help the children in Year 5 improve their rugby league skills in their PE lessons. The children have learnt how to hold the ball with their fingertips when …

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    • 16 February 2018

      Expert Mathmeticians

      This term, the Junior Leadership Team have been meeting to look at ways of making sure all the children in the school are challenged during their maths lessons. The children have come up with different ideas such as making the …

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    • 08 February 2018

      Cracking the Code!

      This term, the children in Year 6 have been making their own computer game in preparation for a special visit from a professional game designer.   The children have been using Kodu in their computing lessons to learn the …

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    • 01 February 2018

      Magical Magna!

      Last week, the children in Year 2 visited Magna to learn more about the different ways of travel and how it has changed over time. The children watched a video which showed the earliest attempts of flying and some of these …

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    • 25 January 2018

      Reasoning Ralf!

      Since September, all the children in the school have been using a character called Reasoning Ralf in order to get better at mathematics. Ralf helps the children answer questions where they have to use their reasoning or …

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    • 18 January 2018


      Before the holidays, the school held its termly Always Green event and our children got the opportunity to try water zorbing! The children attend the Always Green event when they stay on green all term by following the …

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